Pictures of the house

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Pictures of the house

Post by chickendoodle on Wed 20 Jun 2018, 9:30 pm

I'm not super impressed with the color scheme.

High tech takes over the Big Brother house with a Silicon Valley theme.

The communal dining table will hold its fair share of meals—not to mention nomination ceremonies!

Dominating the living room is a BB first: a 22' tall rock-climbing wall!

In another first, this season's circular couch is on a large rotating platform, opening up a space for the Houseguests to access the climbing wall.

The downstairs bedrooms feature the first sliding walls to be incorporated into the BB house.

The wall panels can open up to make a more communal space—and the placement of the beds and reflective walls create an optical illusion.

Julie calls this the fidget spinner room. Why? Well... Because there's an entire wall full of 'em, obviously!

The shared bathroom not only has four sinks instead of two, but features emoji pillows and a collection of mirrors covered with interchangeable IRL filters inspired by multimedia messaging apps.

The Kaleidoscope Lounge is a party of patterns, with multi-dimensional shapes and colorful graphics.

The highlight of the room is a floor-to-ceiling pin art wall, featuring 14,276 separate plastic pegs on a display big enough to press your entire body into.

Upstairs, the bridge has been transformed into a gaming lounge with a classic foosball table and a giant aquarium with neon tropical hybrid fish swimming among sunken custom 3D printed miniature themed arcade games.

The Head of Household Suite has a trendy warehouse feel with dark wood, exposed cinderblock, and walls covered with LED panels that constantly change color.

In an upgrade, not only can the HOH spy on the other players, but now they will also be able to speak with them through a video intercom system placed in select rooms around the house.

In a nod to the home of tech giants in California, the backyard features a mural of California Poppies, the official state flower.

The yard is outfitted with a new pool table and the trademark pool and spa made for a summer of scheming.

Of course, there's got to be a good lounging space outside, too.


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