BB 9 - 2008 - Winter version

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BB 9 - 2008 - Winter version

Post by chickendoodle on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 5:15 pm

This was the winter season.

Winner - Adam Jasinski    Runner-up - Ryan Quicksall

 photo 85b2630c460500935acfe3f31f955901_zpsj7qfbmx2.jpg

 photo BB9Cast9_zps1y1c2cph.jpg

Houseguests listed in order of eviction, first evicted to winner

Jacob Heald 23 Dallas, GA
Neil Garcia 29 Los Angeles, CA
Parker Somerville 26 Northridge, CA
Jen Diturno 26 Columbus, OH
Amanda Hansen 23 Fridley, MN
Alex Coladonato 24 Staten Island, NY
Allison Nichols 28 Boston, MA
Matt McDonald 23 Charlestown, MA
Chelsia Hart 21 Cedar Falls, IA
Joshuah Welch 25 Dallas, TX
James Zinkand 21 Sarasota, FL
Natalie Lynn Cunial 28 Salem, OR
Sharon Obermueller 23 Olathe, KS
Sheila Kennedy 45 Reseda, CA
Ryan Quicksall 27 Columbus, OH
Adam Jasinski 29 Delray Beach, FL


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