BB 10 - 2008

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BB 10 - 2008

Post by chickendoodle on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 10:46 pm

 photo m8ftqt.jpg

Winner - Dan Gheesling    Runner-up - "Memphis" Garrett

 photo 9-16-08.png

Houseguests listed in order of eviction, first evicted to winner

Brian Hart        27 San Francisco, CA
Steven Daigle 35 Dallas, TX
Angie Swindell 29 Orlando, FL
Jessie Godderz 22 Huntington Beach, CA
Libra Thompson 31 Spring, TX
April Dowling 30 Higley, AZ
Michelle Costa 28 Cumberland, RI
Bryan Ollie     27 Bloomington, MN
"Renny" Martyn    53     New Orleans, LA
Keesha Smith 29 Burbank, CA
Jerry MacDonald 75 Magnolia, TX
Robert "Memphis" Garrett 25 Los Angeles, CA
Dan Gheesling 24 Dearborn, MI


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