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Pictures of the 2017 house! Empty Pictures of the 2017 house!

Post by chickendoodle on Wed 21 Jun 2017, 8:32 pm

Entrance and Livingroom DR and storage room doors in the background

 photo b6e9d7d862b9f7d6_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-2_zpsqrbuyotf.jpg

A massive tree will greet the Houseguests on Day 1.

Big Brother will welcome its new cast with the ultimate symbol of temptation—a massive 13-foot-tall abstract apple tree complete with LED lighting creating translucent "leaves" and oversized apples.

 photo f2233658f994b547_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-7_zpsumffl9rt.jpg

Check out this season's golden Head of Household throne room.

Gold, gold, and... more gold. This BB19 suite is pure greed with its shimmery walls, floors, bricks, and side tables.

 photo 81ef38e70f69d8f5_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-11_zpsl4z6x4ci.jpg

What's even cooler?

The designers used real safety deposit boxes to make up one wall of the room that is divided by an aquarium stocked with tropical fish.

Now, that's an HOH room.

 photo c1375bcc129b4179_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-13_zpstcbsgxxl.jpg

It's style for miles.

As you can see, the HOH suite is quite large and offers up only the most regal places to relax and strategize.

 photo a0c8b3ff26515ff5_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-12_zpshvey9708.jpg

What temptations will be cooked up in the kitchen?

The BB kitchen fans know and love has taken on a new look for Season 19, featuring classic architectural drawings and Greek details.

 photo 4c2590c9cadbeeef_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-18_zpsezre5cyz.jpg

Red, white, and blue hues cover the kitchen space top to bottom.

Here's where the Houseguests will cook, dine, and converse for the next 99 days.

 photo e5a1d05ceaa9acb2_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-8_zps4bunqipd.jpg

Grecian key ring embellishments line the dishware on the table.

These Houseguests should consider themselves pretty lucky to be living with such high end furnishings.

 photo 33d1218baa831e2d_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-19_zpsihpuggsn.jpg

Get a sense of this grand space with a bird's eye view overlooking the dining area.

BB19 is just around the corner, so get ready for desires and impulses that will affect the game week after week.

 photo 17526b0c87d6ea4f_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-9_zpsnoq2gzse.jpg

Check out this cozy lounge where the group will kick back.

A soft "wave" of crushed blue velvet with silver nail heads takes over this comfortable room. Behind the modern tufted chair are 396 massive green apples to add a hint of temptation.

 photo 7548b941bd66ad21_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-4_zpsdawm1irg.jpg

The contrast of green and blue surely catches the eye.

This seems like an ideal spot to relax between comps and evictions, huh?

 photo 58ecdb5f94ab3838_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-3_zps8jhzg5s3.jpg

A hint of vanity takes over the large bathroom.

In this space, 18 Venetian glass mirrors will reflect every angle of the Houseguests as they pamper themselves each day on plush purple couches.

 photo 102a09072fa60be7_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-6_zpslvslhkmo.jpg

Shades of purple and silver give this room a most sophisticated touch.

This royal decor seems suited for the theater.

 photo 438978d7bb6adf60_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-5_zpsilau8wmg.jpg

There's no real "down time" on Big Brother.

This upstairs chill space may look perfect for lounging this summer, but any Big Brother fan knows the game is always being played.

 photo 63af07d7f92ceeaa_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-10_zpsm8wwbgnb.jpg

Oh, how tempting...

Who will be the first Houseguest enticed by a potentially game-changing offer?

 photo ede26560960f4eeb_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-1_zpshr7pybrh.jpg

How 'bout them apples?

There's no doubt this eye-catching apple tree will be a topic of conversation when the Houseguests arrive.

 photo 064bea8880dac533_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-_zps7wxdhvwm.jpg

Even the walls make a statement.

This season's theme—Summer of Temptation—is loud and clear as seen here with silver and white decorations.

 photo aea8bfca3838f456_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-14_zpsmv0vxuqf.jpg

Take a look outside where the group will be pumping iron and catching rays.

You know the drill—BB backyards were made for workouts, sunbathing, and swimming. Get ready!

 photo 5275a9284b473a15_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-15_zpsjwalofya.jpg

The outdoor lounge corner will tempt the Houseguests in a few ways.

Just take a look at that plush blanket, those red apples, and those comfy pillows.

 photo ed9aaf1cd422b2c1_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-16_zps0q5shabf.jpg

Though tranquil, even the BB pool could hold a temptation or two.

This season will be a game of risk vs. reward, as every temptation will unleash a consequence in the house.

 photo db53f1996a0f77e1_big-brother-season-19-house-tour-17_zpscqsok1mn.jpg


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